A simple api server which can be used as backend of a e-bookstore. User can get list of books and authors. Details of a book can be found using GET method by passing book name or ISBN as parameter. Details about authors can be found using GET method by passing author name as parameter. After registration and login, User can Add/Update and Delete books from the server

Running the server

After changing the directory to project directory
go run .

api calls

method url body actions
POST http://localhost:8081/register {"username": "shaad","password":"1234"} Register new user
POST http://localhost:8081/login {"username": "shaad","password":"1234"} Loggin In the user
POST http://localhost:8080/logout Logging Out
GET http://localhost:8081/books Returns Details of all books
GET http://localhost:8081/books/simple Return list of books name
GET http://localhost:8081/books/isbn/{ISBN} Returns Details of the Book of the given ISBN
GET http://localhost:8081/books/name{BookName} Return Details of the given book name
GET http://localhost:8081/authors Return list of authors
GET http://localhost:8081/authors/{AuthorName} Returns Details of the given author
DELETE http://localhost:8081/books/{ISBN} Delete the book entry matching ISBN
POST http://localhost:8081/books/ Given Below Adds a new book in the list
PUT http://localhost:8081/books/{ISBN} Given Below Updates a book information

Request Body for POST and PUT methods to add and update book information. To update book information we must pass book_name, authorname and isbn correctly and only fill other fields which needs to be updated

    "book_name" : "The Sicilian",
    "author_info" : {
        "name" : "Mario Puzo",
        "date_of_birth" : "October 15, 1920",
        "birth_place" : "United States"
    "ISBN" : "0-671-43564-7",
    "Genre" : "Thriller",
    "Publisher" : "Random House"


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