go codeql-analytis

Simple application to manage basic deployments


You need to create a deployment yaml file (sample). then run the binary file with --config flag to path or url of deployment file.

for example :

- name: folder
  become: true
    - name: "test creating a new folder"
      type: "folder"
      command: "create"
      path: "/var/www/html/test"
      pass_on_error: true

Become Root

You need to specify become : true in each step that you want to be run only in root environment. default if false.

Pass On error

You may specify pass_on_error: true in each step that you want to be skipped if an error occured. default if false.

Hook Support

In each step, you can provide a hook POST url, the url will recieve following data when each step starts running:

  "step":"step name",
  "status":"step status",

Step codes are: 1 for pass,2 for error

Supported types:

Contribution & Donation

You are free to fork project and send me PR. You may also Buy me a Coffee