The service that we’re going to build is a simple bank. It will provide APIs for the frontend to do following things:

  1. Create and manage bank accounts, which are composed of owner’s name, balance, and currency.
  2. Record all balance changes to each of the account. So every time some money is added to or subtracted from the account, an account entry record will be created.
  3. Perform a money transfer between 2 accounts. This should happen within a transaction, so that either both accounts’ balance are updated successfully or none of them are.

Setup local development

Install tools

Setup infrastructure

  • Create the bank-network
    make network
  • Start postgres container:
    make postgres
  • Create simple_bank database:
    make createdb
  • Run db migration up all versions:
    make migrateup
  • Run db migration up 1 version:
    make migrateup1
  • Run db migration down all versions:
    make migratedown
  • Run db migration down 1 version:
    make migratedown1

How to generate code

  • Generate SQL CRUD with sqlc:
    make sqlc
  • Generate DB mock with gomock:
    make mock
  • Create a new db migration:
    migrate create -ext sql -dir db/migration -seq <migration_name>

How to run

  • Run server:
    make server
  • Run test:
    make test


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