A simple CLI that will bump semantic versions based on git tags and conventional commits.


go install


note: At present, git-semver will not actually add the new git tag to your repository, it will simply output the next version/ rule for you to use as you wish.

Show the next semantic version

cd <my-git-repo>

Show the bump rule that will be used

cd <my-git-repo>
git-semver --rule

Note: This is particularly powerful when combinded with a tool like poetry which includes its own version bumping tool

cd <my_poetry_repo>
poetry version $(git-semver --rule)

Release rules

At present, git-semver is slightly opinionated but aligs with how conventional commits intend to use semver:

The supported types are taken from:

Any commits that are either not conventional, or do not have an associated rule are not treated as releases.

As well as the rules below. Any type (e.g ci!) that appends a ! is treated as a breaking change and therefore a MAJOR release. Additionally any commit that contains the string BREAKING CHANGE is treated as a breaking change and MAJOR release.

Commit type Release
feat MINOR
perf PATCH
refactor PATCH
build N/A
chore N/A
ci N/A
docs N/A
revert N/A
style N/A
test N/A

Please raise an issue if you disagree with any of our release rules, we would like to encourage conversation.


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