gottp 🐹



$ gottp get -u -f google.html


$ gottp post -u -p sample_data.json

-------------------- RESPONSE --------------------

{200 OK 200 HTTP/2.0 2 0 map[Access-Control-Allow-Origin:[*] Cache-Control:[private] Content-Type:[text/plain; charset=utf-8] Date:[Sat, 04 Jun 2022 20:44:51 GMT] Server:[Google Frontend] Vary:[Accept-Encoding] X-Cloud-Trace-Context:[fece1a06eab68ce6b99ae75e89741025]] 0x14000185320 -1 [] false true map[] 0x140000fe000 0x140001ea0b0}


Probably the easiest way is to build, alias and run the binary. If you want to do it another way feel free.

$ go build main.go get.go post.go fileReadWriter.go utils.go 

Get your current directory

$ pwd


and add /main at the end

-> /directory/to/your/project/main
$ vi ~/.bashrc # or .zshrc whatever shell you use

On the file add the following line

alias gottp="/directory/to/your/project/main"

Save and exit.

Now, you can run:

$ gottp get -h

Must provide a url to fetch
  -f string
    	Specify the path to save the fetched data
  -h	Learn abou the commands
  -u string
    	Specify the url to fetch data from

$ gottp post -h

Please provide a url to post to.
  -f string
    	Specify the path to save the response
  -h	Learn about the commands
  -p string
    	Specify a path to a JSON/XML file to use as a payload for the request
  -u string
    	Specify the url to post data to

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