love-build: Fast, Easy CLI build tool for LÖVE

This is still very early in dev and is missing a lot of features. It’s also a personal tool I use to build my own projects as-needed, so I can’t guarantee it’s being actively developed at any given time.

If you want something a little more robust/established make sure you check out the Alternatives section

Quick Start

How to…

Create a .love file in the current directory for project located in superGame/

$ love-build superGame

Create a .love file with a specific version number

$ love-build --version=0.1.3 superGame 

Generate a build for Windows

$ love-build -w superGame

Generate a build for the Web using love.js

$ love-build -b superGame

Generate builds for Windows and Web, put them in a separate build directory, give the build a different name, specify the version number, AND delete the .love file when done.

$ love-build -w -b -d superGame-builds -o ReallyCoolGame --version=0.1.3 --clean superGame

Create a .love file and then immediately delete it for some reason?

$ love-build --clean superGame

Build Target support

  • Windows (64-bit)
  • Web (via love.js)
    • Runs in compatibility mode by default

LÖVE Version Support

  • 11.3
  • Probably others too!


  • love-release is more robust than this (and supports more platforms), but doesn’t handle Web builds
  • makelove


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