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🛠️ A simple CLI utility for monitoring protobuf-encoded messages in Kafka topics.

Under the hood, kafka-proto-monitor relies on protoreflect in order to use raw (not compiled) proto files in runtime for unmarshaling Kafka messages.


go install github.com/ri-nat/kafka-proto-monitor@latest


  kafka-proto-monitor [OPTIONS]

Application Options:
  -b, --broker=               Kafka broker URL (you can use this option multiple times) (default: localhost:9092)
  -t, --topic=                Kafka topic to read from (you can use this option multiple times)
  -a, --read-earliest         Read topic starting from the beginning (false by default)
  -r, --print-headers         Print message headers (false by default)
  -p, --proto-file=           Path to proto file
  -m, --proto-message=        Proto message to use
  -e, --proto-message-header= Name of Kafka message header, that contains message's proto name

Help Options:
  -h, --help                  Show this help message


kafka-proto-monitor -p ./service.proto -m 'app.users.UserCreated' -t users -a -r
  • Use app.users.UserCreated message from service.proto
  • Connect to Kafka on localhost:9092 (default)
  • Read from topic users
  • Read messages from the beginning of the topic (-a)
  • Print message headers (-r)

kafka-proto-monitor -p ./service.proto -e proto-name -b kafka:9092 -t users
    • Display help message on startup if no arguments provided
    • Filter messages by header value
    • Filter messages by parsed object attributes
    • Construct proto name programmatically
    • Be more verbose about message unmarshaling errors
    • Use multiple proto files at once
    • Filter printable attributes out
    • Write more tests


    This software is licensed under the MIT License. See LICENSE for the full license text.


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