GoOwl – A simple command-line CI/CD Tool

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What is GoOwl

GoOwl is a basic CI/CD tool. By filling a simple yaml file, you can:

  • Clone all repos automatically at the first time
  • pull spcified repos when receiving hooks
  • execute script when repos are pulled

How to use GoOwl

GoOwl is unstable currently. Do not use it in an production env and should try it in docker or virtual machine instead. Windows and Mac releases are not reliable since they’re not being tested.

Firstly you need to fill a yaml file, which is located at config/standard.yaml and could be found in this repo. It should look like this if filled correctly:

    mode: release
    name: Hello GoOwl!
    port: 1234
    path: /home/golang-coder/Workspace
        id: 1 
        type: gogs
        trigger: ['push']
        username: someone
        password: 123
        buildscript: /home/golang-coder/Workspace/script/
        branch: master
        id: 2
        type: gogs
        trigger: ['push','pull']
        repoaddr: [email protected]:someone/repo.git
        sshkeyaddr: /home/golang-coder/Workspace/ssh/repo
        buildscript: /script/
        branch: dev
        id: 3
        type: github
        trigger: ['push']
        repoaddr: [email protected]:someone/repo1.git
        token: abcd1234
        buildscript: /script/
        branch: main
  • id could be anything that could identify repos. Should be unique.
  • workspace.path defines the location repos downloaded by GoOwl storage in.
  • buildscript refers to the script you want to execute after specified repo is pulled. (this script will run in the directory of the repo so you don’t need to use absolute addr.)
  • When using ssh, only sshkeyaddr and repoaddr in ssh form is needed. username and password is needed only when you need to access the repo via http(s). However, if the repo is on github, you should use token instead of username and password since github does not supports username and password authorization via http(s).
  • branch refers to the brance you want to clone/pull.
  • token should be used in ssh and only supports github now.

Ignore username,password or token if it is an public repo accessed via http(s) with correct settings..

GoOwl supports webhook from gogs and github. More hooktypes will be supported in the future.

GoOwl reads config from ./config/settings.yaml by default. You can also use -c to specify the yaml file if you don’t want to put it in default location.

Run ./GoOwl --help to get more info.

Run ./GoOwl checkenv to check if everything works well.

To start the hook listener and cicd server, run ./GoOwl run. GoOwl will automatically clone repo at the first time. You need to input “yes” if you uses ssh to clone them.

GoOwl displays hook path on start(example):

/gogs/1/hook---------------->Hook for repo 1,type:gogs
/gogs/2/hook---------------->Hook for repo 2,type:gogs
/github/3/hook---------------->Hook for repo 3,type:github

you may use as the hook address of repo 1 for example. When GoOwl received webhook, it will start executing script automatically and print result out.


GoOwl may be buggy currently. Issues are welcome.

Some of the code (common/command、cmd/run、app/other) comes from gogs and go-admin under mit license. Thanks!


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