A simple command line tool using which you can skip phone number based SMS verification by using a temporary phone number that acts like a proxy.

Note-1: This is just an experimental tool, do not use this in any banking transactions. Unethical use of this tool is strictly not encouraged."

Note-2: The tool uses upmasked, A Eurpoean service provider, data will be stored on their servers, make sure you agree to EU Data governance laws and GDPR. I recommend you not to use this for any personal transaction which reveals your identity.


  • Written in Go-1.15 (with modules support enabled)
  • Provides an interactive CLI, which is easier to use.
  • Provides a local file based DB to save and manage a list of fake phone numbers to help you remember and reuse.
  • Unofficial client of upmasked


  • Go programming language - 1.15+

To build:

The build process is simple, it is just like building any other Go module. Follow the steps below:

export GOBIN=$PWD/bin
go install

This will build the binary and place it in bin/.
You can also consider using the pre-built binary which is available under bin/

Steps to use:

  1. Register a number in local DB:
    You can register a number by selecting one of the available numbers as shown below.


  1. Get the messages from any registered number:
    You can select a number which was saved in step-1 and view its messages as a list. The tool will also save the dump as json in the format ${PWD}/selected-phone-number.json. As shown below:


  1. Optionally, you can choose to delete the rembered numbers or list them.