Basic connection pool for go-ldap

This little library use the go-ldap library and pool connections for you.

Don’t hesitate to open issues or pull requests, I write that for my own need so that miss some features or tests 🙂


  • Customize the number of connections to keep alive.
  • Custom timeout duration while awaiting a available connection
  • Reconnect when a connection or the server goes down


  • Fixed connections count.
  • Some functions is missing, I only added Search, SearchWithPaging, Add, Modify, ModifyWithResult, ModifyDN, Del.
  • Only anonymous or simple bind is available for the moment.

How to use it ?

p, err := ldappool.NewPool(context.Background(), &ldappool.PoolOptions{
    URL: "ldaps://",
    // Manage 10 connections
    ConnectionsCount: 10,
    // Every request is going to wait a available connection 5 seconds and return an error if there is no connections available
    ConnectionTimeout: time.Second * 5,
    // If a connection is marked as unavailable after a heartbeat, we try to connect every 5 seconds
    WakeupInterval: time.Second * 5,
    BindCredentials: &ldappool.BindCredentials{
        Username: "cn=admin,dc=example,dc=fr",
        Password: "toto",

if err != nil {

res, err := p.Search(ldap.NewSearchRequest(
    ldap.NeverDerefAliases, 0, 0, false,
    []string{"*"}, []ldap.Control{}),

log.Println(res, err)


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