This is a simple example to build a microservice in Go. It has an HTTP server and RabbitMQ client packages.

Running it

The service needs MongoDB and RabbitMQ to run succesfully. Let’s use docker-compose to run those servers.

docker-compose up -d mongodb rabbitmq

And now you can build and run the server:

go build && ./service-golang

Creating and image with docker

To run as a service we can create an image and use docker-compose to start the containers. First the image:

docker build . -t service:latest

Now we can run all the servers together using docker-compose.

docker-compose up -d

Accessing the API

To see a Hello World: localhost:8000.

To check the bitcoin variation on a period: localhost:8000/bitcoin/startdate/YYYY-MM-DD/enddate/YYYY-MM-DD

Stopping the services

Again with docker-compose:

docker-compose down


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