Diversity – Windows wallpaper changer written on Go

Unsplash API token

First of all you need to get an API token from Unsplash. Go to https://unsplash.com/developers, create an account, create an app and get API Key.


You can download pre-built Windows amd64 binary from the releases section.

Alternatively, you can build an app on your own:

go get github.com/rovnyart/diversity

$env: GOARCH='windows'
$env: GOTARGET='amd64'

go build github/rovnyart/diversity

This will produce diversity.exe executable. In order to run it you need to place config.yaml file in the same directory. See Config section for more details.


Config file has a very simple structure:

apikey: your-api-token-here # Your Unsplash API token
scope: nature # Picture search query
schedule: 2h # Automatic wallpaper change schedule


Just run app and minimize it =). Also you can install it as a Windows Service to run in background. Please refer to sc.exe help to do it.

Application also has an system tray icon with some sort of menu, where you can change current wallpaper or quit.


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