Go simple Microservice

This is a demonstration of what it could be like to create a microservice in golang. Unlike the C# example where ASP.NET core is standard and part of the dotnet ecosystem, in go the common tool is gin which can be installed as a dependency.

go get github.com/gin-gonic/gin

Install Swag for swagger generation

go install github.com/swaggo/swag/cmd/swag@latest

Install Wire for dependency injection

go install github.com/google/wire/cmd/wire@latest


This service can be started by running the following command

go run ./src

It will start a service you can reference as demonstrated below

curl http://localhost:8080/user

Running (Docker)

There is also an example of how you can run the service using docker

make build-docker
make run-docker


Swagger is configured using gin-swagger and can be found by opening a browser to http://localhost:8080/swagger/index.html


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