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This is a simple Go package for interacting with the Replicate (https://replicate.com) HTTP APIs. Replicate is an API service that allows developers to use machine learning models easily through calling APIs.

This package is based on the HTTP APIs — https://replicate.com/docs/reference/http. Please read the APIs to understand how it works first.

How to use

First, create a model. Go to https://replicate.com/explore to find the model you want to use. Then set up the input parameters for the model.

model := NewModel("stability-ai", "stable-diffusion", version)
model.Input["prompt"] = "An astronaut riding a horse in photorealistic style"
model.Input["num_outputs"] = 4

Then create a client, passing into it the API authentication token (you can get it here once you registered an account — https://replicate.com/account) and the model you just created.

Using the client you can send a create prediction call to the API to start the prediction.

client := NewClient(auth, model)
err := client.Create()
if err != nil {
    // resolve the error here

The client should have a Response, with an ID after calling the Create function. This is the prediction ID that you can use to retrieve the results of the prediction. At this point in time, the Response struct will have nothing in the Output

To get the results of the prediction, you can use the same client, or you can create a new client and call the Get function. This will return you the results of the prediction in the Output.

err := client.Get(predictId)
if err != nil {
    // resolve the error here


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