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Simple go application that allows you to share your code with a custom domain name instead of github or gitlab links or other git protocols.

Say goodbye to imports. Say hello to imports 🎉


At the beginning to clarify my code especially with gitlab and subfolders (ex: importing files was not sexy. And a problem occurred when the folder architecture changed!

Error 404 in all directions, in all repositories. I created a classic index.html file but having to connect to a server to do vim (sorry emacs) is very annoying.

With 42Stellar project, I told myself that I didn’t want to redo everything, so I put this repo online


Step 1 : Configuration file

# API Version also used to protect against API or Schema changes
# Actually, the available API versions are: 1
apiVersion: 1
# List of your proxies
# You can add as many proxies as you want with logic:
# 1 proxy per final domain
- # namespace is the domain name used for following entries
  # This can be a subdomain, a domain or a full domain name
  #, or
  # All entries of this namespace will be proxied to the following address
  # Key are the name and the entrypoint/path of your proxied packages
  # Value is the current URL of your package. The Destination URL must
  # end with a valid protocol.
  # Allowed protocol are: "bzr", "fossil", "git", "hg", "svn".
    # Redirect go-get import to
    # Redirect go-get import to
    # Redirect go-get import to

Step 2: Launch it 🚀

With Docker image

You can use the docker image atomys/go-proxy in a very simplistic way

# Basic launch instruction using the default configuration path
docker run -it --rm -p 8080:8080 -v ${PWD}/myconfig.yaml:/config/goproxy.yaml atomys/go-proxy:latest
# Use custom configuration file
docker run -it --rm -p 8080:8080 -v ${PWD}/myconfig.yaml:/myconfig.yaml atomys/go-proxy:latest serve --config /myconfig.yaml

With pre-builded binary

./goproxy serve --config config.yaml -p 8080


  • app core
    • code
    • tests
    • release
  • app configuration
    • code
    • tests
    • release
  • allow multiples domains
    • code
    • tests
    • release
  • allow multiples redirect per domain
    • code
    • tests
    • release
  • make an example of deployment on Kubernetes
  • add a Prometheus metrics to add more monitoring
  • create a ctl to simplify configuration manipulation
    • code
    • tests
    • release


All pull requests and issues on GitHub will welcome.

All contributions are welcome 🙂



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