Brave Browser Profile Switcher

This is a simple GUI widget which allows for quickly opening a new Brave browser window in a selected profile.


A user may have multiple profiles on Brave browser (identical to Chrome/Chromium profiles).

Opening a new window in a specific profile is tedious, and there is no direct way to do so from the deskop. It requires first opening the default browser profile, then selecting the profile from the menu, which opens up a second new window.

This GUI allows a one-hotkey switch to view all available profiles, and open a new window in one profile with one click.


Run This is intended to run on the Linux desktop. It should run directly from a compiled binary, and should not have any special requirements beyond an up-to-date kernel.


  • go version 1.18+


This installs the binary to your /usr/local/bin path

$ ./


Run from binary:

$ brave-profile-switcher

Run with go:

$ go run cmd/brave-profile-switcher




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