A simple helper wrapper to generate small webm video previews using ffmpeg, useful for web previews.

Getting Started

  • use CheckSystem() once during you application initialization to make sure ffmpeg and ffprobe are installed and found by go-video-preview-ffmpeg-wrapper
  • use CreatePreviewDefaults(sourcePath string, destinationPath string, parts int, partDurationSeconds float64), for example t create a 3 second preview with 3 parts of 1 second run:
CreatePreviewDefaults("~/BigBuckBunny.mp4", "~/BigBuckBunny-preview.webm", 3, 1)


You need to have ffmpeg and ffprobe installed.

Running the tests

The tests are dockerized, to ensure they run with ffmpeg and ffprobe available.

docker build -t go-video-preview-ffmpeg-wrapper-tests . && docker run go-video-preview-ffmpeg-wrapper-tests

coverage: 85.4% of statements

Test description

These tests make sure the commands to ffmpeg and ffprobe are working. Additionally, a clip preview consisting of 3 parts of 1second each should be 3 seconds long, this is included in the test. Visually the output is assumed to be correct.


v0 for now as I’ll probably only be using it.


Distributed under the MIT License. See LICENSE for more information.



  • Thanks to the creators of the excellent open source project ffmpeg


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