gotrees is a simple implementation of an AVL Tree, written in Go. This implementation provides basic primitives for building and operating on tree sets and tree maps, using Go Generics.

TreeSet[K Comparable] Usage

To create a new tree set containing int‘s:

treeSet := gotrees.NewTreeSet[int]()

To test value membership of this tree set:

var hasValue bool
hasValue = treeSet.Contains(1) // true
hasValue = treeSet.Contains(2) // false

TreeMap[K Comparable, V any] Usage

To create a new tree map of int, string key-values:

treeMap := gotrees.NewTreeMap[int, string]()
treeMap.AddItem(1, "A")
treeMap.AddItem(4, "D")

To retrieve a value for a certain key:

var value *KeyValueNode[K, V]
value = treeMap.Find(1) // "A"
value = treeMap.Find(0) // nil


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