My lab work for Computing Systems Architecture(CSA) subject in my university.
Also was made as a simple example of small Golang CLI tool

AsmVM – is a simple interpretation for nasm kind of files.
Now it has eight registers from R1 to R8 and two operators
for manipulating them mov and sub.

For example, mov R2, 2 will save 2 in R2 register. And sub R3, 1
will subtract value in R3 and 1. Result of sub saves in accumulator
register – R1. You can use example.iasm as a remainder


  • golang >=1.17.2

Build and Install

Clone repository:

git clone [email protected]:Velnbur/AsmVM.git

Go to src dir:

cd AsmVM/src/


go build -o iasm


./iasm <path_to_file>


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