CLI Task List and Journal

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jot is a simple journaling program for CLI that helps you keep track of your life.

Config File

~/.jot.yaml is read on startup. The default values are as follows:

directory: "~/.jot.d"
weekendTags: [ weekend ]
workdayTags: [ work, $employer ]
holidayTags: [ holiday ]


  • Organize your day’s tasks, notes
  • Use familiar markdown syntax!
  • Keep track of task completion percentage
  • Simple format (yaml header+markdown) that is easy to use in other tools
  • Simple tagging system helps jot work for work and home
  • Bring your own file sync, to keep your notes on all your devices (supports dropbox, btsync, owncloud, …)

Markdown View

Markdown rendering

Search and Organize

Search: tags

Search: fuzzy matching with context

Search: fuzzy matching with context 2

Task Tracking

Track task progress


Editing in vim


  • Create new sections for work/weekend, or perhaps tags?
  • CLI subcommands for adding new tasks to an entry