• Self-hosted, non-custodial and minimalist Monero (XMR) superchat system written in Go.
  • Provides an admin view page to see donations with corresponding comments.
  • Provides notification methods usable in OBS with an HTML page.

To see a working instance of shadowchat, see


  1. apt install golang
  2. go get
  3. git clone
  4. cd shadowchat
  5. go run shadowchat

A webserver at is running. Pressing the pay button will result in a 500 Error if the monero-wallet-rpc is not running.

Monero Setup

  1. Generate a view only wallet using the monero-wallet-gui from Preferably with no password
  2. Copy the newly generated walletname_viewonly and walletname_viewonly.keys files to your VPS
  3. Download the monero-wallet-rpc binary that is bundled with the wallets.
  4. Start the RPC wallet: monero-wallet-rpc --rpc-bind-port 28088 --daemon-address --wallet-file /opt/wallet/walletname_viewonly --disable-rpc-login --password ""


  • Visit to view your superchat history
  • Paste into OBS for an alert box
  • The default username is admin and password adminadmin. Change these in main.go

Future plans

  • Use settings file instead of editing source
  • Settings page for on-the-fly changes (minimum dono amount, hide all amounts, etc.)
  • Blocklist for naughty words
  • Widget for OBS displaying top donators




This comes from and is not Luke’s original work.


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