Note Logger


A very simple note-taking CLI you can use from the terminal that uses a SQLite DB to persist, and query, notes.


Ensure that you have Go 1.18 installed locally, and run:

go install


On the first run, wherever the installed binary is located, a SQLite DB will be created called notes.sqlite.

This stores all the notes logged so far, and allows listing them back in the future.

If you have not compiled the app, but instead use go run main.go note-logger, then the DB will end up being located in a temp folder somewhere (differs by operating system, and Go installation).

Add a Note

note-logger add-note -c "Some new note!"

This will result in some output:

Note added:
2 - Apr 12 16:32:31: Some new note!

You’ll get the note’s ID, the timestamp when it was created, and the contents.

Delete a Note

note-logger delete-note -i 2

As an argument, you pass in the ID of the note to delete. This will be the output, if successful:

2022/04/12 16:33:46 Note deleted.

List Notes

The listing of existing notes takes in two arguments, the beginning, and end for the time period. The values are interpreted using the available English-friendly values compatible with the go-naturaldate package.

For example, here is listing all notes for today:

note-logger list-notes -s "beginning of today" -e "now"

Or even all of the week so far:

note-logger list-notes -s "beginning of week" -e "now"

You’ll get output like this:

1 - Apr 12 16:26:19: First note with it all working!
2 - Apr 12 16:37:16: Another note for sample!

Similar to when you create a note, you’ll get the note’s ID, the timestamp, and the content. You can then retroactively delete notes this way using the delete-note command.

Bash Functions

Executing the commands this way takes time, and perhaps it might be more convenient to type something simple into the terminal. Here are some sample Bash functions that you can add to your .bashrc file that make it easier to do common things:

function note() {
  quoted_note="[email protected]"

  note-logger add-note -c $quoted_note

function delnote() {
  note-logger delete-note -i [email protected]

function notes_today() {
  note-logger list-notes -s "beginning of today" -e "now"

function notes_week() {
  note-logger list-notes -s "beginning of week" -e "now"

With this, adding a note can be as simple as typing this in your terminal:

note Here is a new note!


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