Storage Service

You can view demo from here cloud-storage using postman collection to interact with the service


  • Create storage buckets.
  • Store object directly.
  • Store objects in specific directories in bucket.
  • Give every object a unique id to fetch with.
  • [FUTURE] authorize access to buckets, objects and directories..

Storage Buckets

Bucket is like a directory with access control.

  • Create new bucket using name
  • Save objects to bucket.
  • Save objects in specific directory inside the givin bucket (if exists).
  • [FUTURE] Limit access for bucket

Storage Objects

Objects are unstructured data, ex: videos, images, audio, etc..

  • Objects can ba saved directory to bucket.
  • Each object has a unique UUID to reference.
  • [FUTURE] Objects size can be limited.
  • Can be shared
Objects Directories

Directory is a folder to save the givin object in and exists in a givin bucket.

  • Files can be saved directory to a directory by attaching the directory name when requesting object save.
Sharing Session

Will control the objects sharing aspect and authorization.

  • Customer can create ONLY one session per object with specific TTL time in secondes (max 24hrs)

What is next?

  • Add full api validation.
  • Rate limit requests.
  • Upload size limit to 1 MB.
  • Make Sharable link dynamic with current domain.
  • Lock some resources to local usage only.
  • Mutate bucket name and return the new one.


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