A simple One Time Pad command-line utility for generating and applying single-use key file encryption.

Installation & Usage


  • Install Go, version 1.19 or later

go build -o otpc main.go # Windows: use 'otpc.exe'
mv otpc /usr/local/bin # Windows: move it to a folder in your PATH


  -o, --output string     the file to write the output to
  -v, --verbose           enable verbose output
Generating Keys
  -g, --generate string   the size of the key file to generate
  -c, --count int         the number of key files to generate (default 1)
  -O, --offset int        the index offset (start) for the file index
Encryption & Decryption
  -k, --key string        the file containing the key
  -i, --input string      the file containing the input, else stdin

Generating Keys

Generate random key files using a cryptographically-secure random number source. Roughly equivalent to running one of the following commands for a 1 GB key file:

  • head -c 1G </dev/urandom >key.txt
  • dd if=/dev/urandom of=key.txt bs=1M count=1000 (1 MB x 1000)

# generating a single key
otpc -g 1GiB -o key.txt
# generating multiple keys (use quotes when using '{i}')
otpc -g 1024 -c 10 -o "keys/key-{i}.txt" # key-0.txt through key-9.txt
# generating ones you missed
otpc -g 1kb -c 5 -O 10 -o "keys/key-{i}.txt" # key-10.txt through key-14.txt

Encrypting and Decrypting Files

When encrypting and decrypting, the only requirement is that the key is equal to or larger than the message.

# encrypting using files
otpc -k "key.txt" -i "message.txt" -o "encrypted.txt"
# decrypting using files
otpc -k "key.txt" -i "encrypted.txt" -o "message.txt"
# encrypting using stdin and stdout
echo "Hello, World" | otpc -k "key.txt" > encrypted.txt
cat encrypted.txt | otpc -k "key.txt" | tee message.txt

About One Time Pads


  • Mathematically unbreakable encryption.
  • Extremely simple to implement and verify the algorithm.
  • Encryption is very fast, since it only requires XOR’ing two files together once.


  • Key files must be transferred offline, otherwise you are now relying on less secure encryption algorithms.
  • Each message byte requires a unique key byte (not good for transferring lots of data).
  • Keys cannot be safely re-used.

Usage Tips:

[*] This program does not support encrypting multiple messages over time using a single key file, unless you modify the file yourself to remove only the key bytes used for a previous operation.

That said, here’s a way you can do that. Only run these commands if you know what you are doing. See the dd man page for more information.

This command will remove the first 64 bytes of key.txt, placing the result in stripped_key.txt.

dd if=key.txt of=stripped_key.txt ibs=64 skip=1

If you need to strip a larger value (perhaps more than 50 MB), use a smaller value for ibs, and a value for skip such that ibs * skip = number of bytes to remove. The following command will do the same thing, removing the first 500 million bytes (500 MB) of the file, in 1 MB chunks.

dd if=key.txt of=stripped_key.txt ibs=1000 skip=500


otp-cli is licensed under the MIT License


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