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A package manager written in go for small CLI programs. It is available on GNU/Linux and macOS.


IndiePKG is NOT ready for use yet. It’s still early software.

However, if you would like to submit issues or PR’s, you are more than welcome to.

Table of contents

What is IndiePKG?

IndiePKG is mainly for small simple CLI and TUI programs. Most of them are just for fun, such as cmatrix, while others have a bit more utility such as btop.

IndiePKG uses git to install packages, and everything is compiled from source. This means that while there aren’t any versions, it does mean that you get the absolute latest software.

It’s also much simpler than your standard package manager, and if a package installation goes wrong you don’t have to worry about all your packages failing, because you can super easily remove it.


  • Easy to use with simple commands.
  • Explains what it’s doing at every step.
  • Simple compared to other package managers, and easy to repair if something goes wrong.
  • Clones directly from the package’s git repository, giving you the latest version with no manual intervention by a maintainer.
  • Easy to submit to, with no notability requirements.
  • Installs everything locally, not interfering with any system components and not requiring root privileges.


  • Doesn’t install & manage dependencies.
  • Slower than other package managers due to needing to compile source code.


While IndiePKG doesn’t have an install script yet, you can still try it out by cloning the repository and building it from source. You will need:

  • Git
  • Go 1.17+
  • Make

git clone -b testing
cd indiepkg
make install

Making & submitting packages

If you want to make a package, you should look at

Basic usage

You can run indiepkg install <packages> to install a package.

If you want to uninstall a package, you can run indiepkg uninstall <packages>.

indiepkg upgrade [packages] will pull the latest changes and recompile packages. If you don’t specify any packages, it will upgrade all packages.

indiepkg update [packages] will update the information for your installed packages. This command doesn’t need to be ran frequently at all, but it’s best to run it every now and then.

Supported operating systems

IndiePKG officially works on GNU/Linux and macOS.

It will work on any other unix-like operating system but many packages won’t compile properly. If you are interested in supporting a new operating system, please open an issue and we can discuss making a new third party repository.

IndiePKG is completely broken on Windows. IndiePKG is overall not meant to run on Windows.


IndiePKG has 3 branches to install from, testing (recommended), stable, and main.

The testing branch is a good balance of new and stable, and is updated whenever all Github actions pass.

The stable branch is only updated whenever a release is made, and is not recommended for use yet because it will sometimes not work due to changes in the package files.

The main branch is the default git branch, and contains the newest code. This is not recommended for use because it has a higher chance of being broken.


So it’s like the AUR?

Kind of. For one packages are checked, and there is also an official package manager unlike the AUR which is commonly paired with an AUR helper.

It also obviously works on other operating systems besides just Arch Linux.


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