What is this?

A Simple program to automatically backup a database using git.

Err handling by Sentry, Uses heartbeats by Betteruptime

Made with 🩸 , πŸ˜“ & 😭


go get

go install

export PATH=$PATH:$(go env GOPATH)/bin (Add gopath to path)


Systemd Timers

Sample Service file | Sample Timer file

Basically, systemd timers is a great alternative to cronjobs as it can be invoked and controlled via systemctl.

Every timer has a corresponding service file that it invokes when the time specified is hit. In the sample files provided, the timer triggers a backup at 4am and 59seconds daily.

Manual Usage

This program can also be run manually with the command, where you can specify the commit message as well

backup [OPTIONS]


**note: both single minus “-” and double minus “–” work fine

-key="" // Required, Type: string, dsn (key url) for project

-bup="" // Optional, Type: string, betteruptime heartbeat url, eg. “”

-message="" // Not needed at all, Type: string, optional commit message to pass for manual runs


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