Cloud File System

This is a simple project that expose file system operations through a rest api

Run it


Have go installed, here’s how.


The server is configured with 2 environment variables :

  • STORAGE_DIR: format -> /path/to/dir | example -> /home/jesus/Documents/ , defines the exposed path
  • PORT: format -> :PORT | example -> :8080, port on which the server will be listening, default -> :8080

Set STORAGE_DIR is required to run the server.

If you use bash you can do the following:

export STORAGE_DIR=/path/to/dir
go build -o main ./src/cmd/server/main.go && ./main


The server expose the route /browse/ as the root which is the STORAGE_DIR variable, for example /browse/memes/ map to STORAGE_DIR/memes in the file system


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