Very simple pure Go Airtable API wrapper

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    go get

Aitable API

Airtable uses simple token-based authentication. To generate or manage your API key, visit your account page.


    package main

    import (

    func main() {
        a := airtable.New("api_key_xxx", "id_base_yyy")

        productTable := airtable.Table{
            Name:       "Products", // Name of the table
            MaxRecords: "100", // Max records to return
            View:       "Grid view", // View name

        type productItemAirtable struct {
            ID          string    `json:"id"`
            CreatedTime time.Time `json:"createdTime"`
            Fields      interface{} `json:"fields"` // replace interface{} with your struct

        // List products
        type productsListAirtable struct {
            Records []productItemAirtable `json:"records"`
            Offset  string                `json:"offset"`

        products := productsListAirtable{}

        if err := a.List(productTable, &products); err != nil {

        for _, p := range products.Records {
            fmt.Println(p.ID, p.Fields.Name, p.Fields.Price)

More examples can be found in cmd/airtable/main.go.


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