A simple script to take screenshots using your terminal


🚀 Usage:

If you want to use the properly builded script, check setup

Command Description
fullscreen Take fullscreen shot (include all monitors)
selection Take screenshot from a selected area
selectiongui Take screenshot from a selected area freezed and support multiple displays
display Take screenshot from only a display
save Save the output to a image file
clipboard Copy the output to the clipboard
output Outputs screenshot to stdout encoded as png
upload Upload the screenshot to AnonFiles
version Show version
format Output format (png, jpg)



Fullscreen and save to a png file inside your working folder

ghost -f -S 'image.png'

Selected area and copy to clipboard

ghost -s -c

Fullscreen and output to stdout

ghost -f -o

🔧 Setup:

Clone this repository:

git clone https://github.com/z3oxs/ghost or Download ZIP and unzip;

Move to repository:

cd ghost

Install (Will need ‘make’):


sudo make install-win


sudo make install-linux


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