DoIT Todo List

This is a simple todo-list made with Vue(frontend) and a simple webserver written in Go(backend).

Note that this started out as a simple hack and the source code probably requires some polishing. Use at your own risk.

The vue part was based and inspired by


  • Multi-user support
  • Share lists with other users
  • Add reminders for items (sent via mail)
  • Add notes to items
  • Complete an item but still be able to view it.
  • Sort items (optimises the shopping for shopping lists!)
  • Delete items
  • Multiple lists
  • Favorite list (that shows first when accessing)
  • Phone support (Using PWA features)
  • Desktop support (webpage)
  • Update “live” when someone else adds stuff.
  • TLS support
  • SQLite database (easy to backup)
  • Self-hosted
  • Simple admin interface
    • Validate new users
    • Remove access tokens
    • Remove users

Usage & Requirements

  • In order to send email reminders you need to use a mailserver. I use postfix locally.
  • You need to run DoIt with TLS if you want to be able to use phone app.
  • First site access will allow for admin creation!
  • All new accounts must be validated by admin before being able to login.

Create a tarball with binary and distribution build.

make dist

Run from the dist build:

./doit -tlscert server.crt -tlskey server.key -mailhost localhost:25 -database my.db

Run without TLS:

./doit -skiptls


Development environment (requires TLS certificates, see makefile):

make dev


  • Add support for push notification
  • Throttle signup/login requests better.
  • Code cleanup for both backend and frontend.
  • Packaging
  • Structure backend after best practices