Postgres Docker backup

A simple tool for creating backups from Postgres Docker containers and upload them to AWS S3. Written in Go.


  • Create gzipped backup files from a Docker Postgres container.
  • Upload the backup file to S3.
  • Delete all but the last 7 backup files in S3 to save storage space.
  • Get notified via email and/or Slack when something goes wrong.

Quick start

Clone the repo;

Run setup script

chmod 755 ./sripts/;

Populate variables in .env (will be created by ./scripts/ Especially the AWS variables are important.

Compile the code


Run the program

db-backup backup --container="<POSTGRES_CONTAINER_NAME>"  --username="<POSTGRES_USERNAME>" --database="<DATABASE_NAME>"

Environment variables

In the quickstart guide, we addressed that you have to populate the environment variables before compiling and executing the program.

The most important part is that you populate the AWS values. They will be required to access and read/write to AWS S3.

If you want to be notified about any errors via email or Slack, you must also configure the environment variables for these. Also, you must set EMAILS_ENABLED and/or SLACK_ENABLED to true in order to notifications being sent.

Now we are ready to go!


if you populated the variables in the .env file (see section “Environment variables”) you will be notified via email and/or Slack about errors during the backup process. That way you can rest assured that the backups were successful if you receive no notifications and can act right away if the backups fail.


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