coub-saver is a simple tool to automate the downloading of coubs from

This tool will parse a user profile for all of their coubs, and assemble directory structure by year and month for each coub.

It will generate an info text file that looks like:

Title: Atrium - Week End
Created At: 2021-05-31 04:37:17 +0000 UTC
Duration: 8.44
Views: 2754
Recoubs: 4
Source: map[has_embed:true service_name:YouTube type:Youtube url:]
Tags: synthesizer, synthwave, synth, 80s dancing, dancing, classics, live, 80s music, eighties, 80s, disco, italodisco, italo, 80, palpala, italo disco, guillermo gustavo gallardo, guille music video, week end, atrium

Additional metadata is also generated for each coub, including all original coub information. This metadata is stored in a JSON file.


Backup a user’s coubs

coub-saver -directory=<directory> <username>

Backup a community’s coubs (max of 500 pages)

coub-saver -directory=<directory> -community=<community> -pages=10

Supported options: animals-pets, mashup, music, blogging, standup-jokes, movies, anime, gaming, cartoons, art, live-pictures, news, sports, science-technology, food-kitchen, celebrity, nature-travel, fashion, dance, cars, memes, nsfw

Backup a Best Of for a given year (between 2012 and 2022)

coub-saver -directory=<directory> -bestof=<year>

Backup the day’s coub of the day

coub-saver -directory=<directory> -day=true

Backup the day’s featured coubs

coub-saver -directory=<directory> -featured=true


It’s highly recommended to join the discord group before submitting issues or pull requests:


Unless otherwise specified, all content is licensed under the GPLV3 license.


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