Overwatch UDP Broadcasting

What is this?

This repo allows you to view/track the UDP broadcast packet of nearby players from Overwatch.

What does the packet do?

The UDP broadcast packet is what Overwatch uses to check if other players are nearby (same network). The actual packet is just a UDP broadcast on port 4242 and is just JSON.

Can I view the packet in Wireshark?

Yes, you can view the packet in Wireshark. You just need to use the rule udp.port == 4242 on your loopback host.

What is in this packet?

The data contained in the packet is pretty minimal. It just contains the following:

  • version: protocol version
  • build: build number of the client
  • account: the current logged in account seperated by :
  • secondary_account: (UNKNOWN) currently same as account
  • avatar: the current avatar of the user (Hex)
  • level: the current level of the user
  • pframe: the level frame of the user (Hex)
  • elevel: the current endorsement level of the user
  • endors: the breakdown of the endorsement level of the user
    • endors.id: the id of the endorsement (Hex)
    • endors.count: the count of the endorsement level

Below is a list of all the actual endors.id from hex to name (this is in go):

EndorsementNames := map[string]string{
	"D80000000003944": "Shotcaller",
	"D80000000003945": "Good Teammate",
	"D80000000003946": "Sportsmanship",


  • The packet is sent out every 5 seconds.
  • It’s always a javascript payload and is not encrypted.
  • It’s always sent out on port 4242.


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