A simple tool to connect to the network using Tor.


  • Go to releases.
  • Choose the latest version.
  • Download PKGBUILD.tar.gz and unarchive it.
  • Go to proxtor folder and run makepkg -si in your terminal.
  • Installed ✅

Type proxtor to run.

Usage of Proxtor

proxtor --help:

  -c, --connect      Connect to the Tor network.
  -d, --disconnect   Disconnect from the Tor network.
  -g, --fixcfg       Use this for restore configs if something went wrong.
  -s, --fixdns       Use this if the website address can't be resolved.
  -h, --help         Show this message.
  -r, --reconnect    Reconnect to the Tor netork (changes IP address).
  -i, --showip       Show your current IP address.
  -v, --version      Show the current version of the program.

Notes before you use Tor

Tor can’t help you completely anonymous, just almost:

It’s recommended that you should use NoScript before before surfing the web with Tor.

The NoScript extension is free, open source add-on allows JavaScript, Java, Flash and other plugins to be executed only by trusted web sites of your choice (e.g. your online bank).

And please

  • Don’t spam or perform DoS attacks with Tor. It’s not effective, you will only make Tor get hated and waste Tor’s money.
  • Don’t torrent over Tor. If you want to keep anonymous while torrenting, use a no-logs VPN please.

Rewritten from TorghostNG (currently deleted ?) using Go.

Was tested on Arch Linux.


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