A simple toolkit with gophertunnel tools


boinky comes with some cool tools/exploits out of the box

  • Auto Text – A tool to automatically send a sequential set of messages/commands to the server
  • Bot Spammer – A tool to bot servers that have verification turned off
  • Chat Reader – A tool (inspired by an old GT tool) that allows users to chat with a server from the terminal without logging into Minecraft normally
  • Login Spoofer (WIP) – An exploit that allows users to log in as other users on servers that lack encryption via JWT data
  • Music Player (WIP) – A tool that allows users to broadcast sound packets to servers that do not explicitly block them
  • Skin Stealer – A tool that allows users to download all the skins of the players of the server that the user wants to

More tools are WIP


  • You can escape from a running tool by typing !exit
  • You can configure all the tools in the module/loader.go. I plan to add a config.json later in the future to make this easier
  • Run go build main.go after all the changes to get the latest executable or use go run main.go

Other Plans

  • Use bubbletea to create a TUI instead of the manual typing


  • i skidded some code from this for the terminal color
  • bot Spammer is partially skidded by my father
  • used my mother’s NBS library
  • i think i took the xbl.go from somwhere too but forgot lolz

cadet on top !

star the repo and use the toolkit!


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