News Hub (microservices version) – Users API

A simple users API for a hub of news developed for academic purposes.


  • Golang 1.16

Setup (Suggested)

Run Application

Start running the app locally with the following command make run. If the application setup is ok you should see the following message and the application listening on 8081 port.

news-hub-microservices_users-api $make run
sh scripts/
[GIN-debug] [WARNING] Creating an Engine instance with the Logger and Recovery middleware already attached.

[GIN-debug] [WARNING] Running in "debug" mode. Switch to "release" mode in production.
 - using env:   export GIN_MODE=release
 - using code:  gin.SetMode(gin.ReleaseMode)

[GIN-debug] GET    /ping                     --> news-hub-microservices_users-api/internal/controllers.HealthChecksController.Ping-fm (4 handlers)
[GIN-debug] GET    /v1/                      --> news-hub-microservices_users-api/internal/controllers.UsersController.Get-fm (4 handlers)
[GIN-debug] POST   /v1/                      --> news-hub-microservices_users-api/internal/controllers.UsersController.Create-fm (4 handlers)
[GIN-debug] POST   /v1/login                 --> news-hub-microservices_users-api/internal/controllers.UsersController.Authenticate-fm (4 handlers)
[GIN-debug] [WARNING] You trusted all proxies, this is NOT safe. We recommend you to set a value.
Please check for details.
[GIN-debug] Listening and serving HTTP on :8081

Run Tests

Run all tests, with the following command:

make tests

Run all tests with code coverage + report, with the following command:

make tests-coverage


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