Woodlands Checkpoint


  1. Add Woodlands Checkpoint to your server (requires manage roles and manage nicknames permissions)
  2. Create to role be given to verified users (e.g. @Verified)
  3. Create a channel for non-verified users to verify themselves in (e.g. #verification)
  4. Set up permissons for the role so that only the verified users can see the normal channels
  5. Set up the verification channel so only non-verified users can see it (verified users cannot see it)
  6. Create roles for grades 7-12
  7. Use /initialize with the roles you made earlier
  8. Woodlands Checkpoint should be set up! 😄

Fixes to Try

  • In both channel settings and role settings, make sure you are allowed to use application commands
  • Make sure that the @Woodlands Checkpoint role is higher than your verified role
  • The bot will not nickname you if your highest role is higher than the @Woodlands Checkpoint role


  1. Make copies of students.example.json, guilds.example.json, and example.env
  2. Remove the .example from each of the filenames
  3. Fill students.json with student information*
  4. Put your Discord bot token in the .env
  5. Run go build main
  6. Run ./main (or ./main.exe for Windows users)

*DM me on Discord (vidhan#0001) if you are interested in doing this step yourself.


This repository has been dockerized to allow for running the bot in a Docker container which is portable across different hosts and compatible with kubernetes clusters with a containerd runtime.

To build the Docker image: make docker-build
To publish the Docker image to GHCR: make publish

Docker Compose

There is a premade docker-compose.yml file for quick deployment to any Docker host. Simply run docker-compose up to run the compose file or visit Docker’s documentation for more options of the command.


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