Woodlands Checkpoint


  1. Add Woodlands Checkpoint to your server (requires manage roles and manage nicknames permissions)
  2. Create to role be given to verified users (e.g. @Verified)
  3. Create a channel for non-verified users to verify themselves in (e.g. #verification)
  4. Set up permissons for the role so that only the verified users can see the normal channels
  5. Set up the verification channel so only non-verified users can see it (verified users cannot see it)
  6. Create roles for grades 7-12
  7. Use /initialize with the roles you made earlier
  8. Woodlands Checkpoint should be set up! 😄

Fixes to Try

  • In both channel settings and role settings, make sure you are allowed to use application commands
  • Make sure that the @Woodlands Checkpoint role is higher than your verified role
  • The bot will not nickname you if your highest role is higher than the @Woodlands Checkpoint role


  1. Make copies of students.example.json, guilds.example.json, and example.env
  2. Remove the .example from each of the filenames
  3. Fill students.json with student information
  4. Put your Discord bot token in the .env
  5. Run go build main
  6. Run ./main (or ./main.exe for Windows users)

How it Works

DM me on Discord (vidhan#0001) to inquire about how the bot works