pro – Pull Request Opener

A single command to open current PR in browser. Supports GitHub and GitLab. Available for macOS, Linux and Windows.





Authorize GitHub / GitLab

pro uses GitHub or GitLab API to find Pull Request related to current branch. Access is granted via personal access tokens.

Use auth command to login:

# GitHub
pro auth github

# GitLab
pro auth gitlab

You will be asked to generate access token and paste it. Tokens are stored in ~/.config/pro/config.yml by default.

Open Pull Request in default browser

To open current Pull Request simply type:


If you’re on the main branch (main, master, trunk, etc.) repository homepage will be opened instead. If no PR matching current branch is found, a URL to create new Pull Request will be printed.

Use -p | --print flag to print the Pull Request URL instead of opening it in default browser:

pro -p


Homebrew (macOS/Linux)

brew install wowu/tap/pro

Scoop (Windows)

scoop bucket add wowu
scoop install wowu/pro

dpkg (Ubuntu/Debian)

dpkg -i pro-linux-amd64.deb

Replace amd64 with arm64 if you are on ARM.

Download latest binary (Linux)

curl -sSL -o /usr/local/bin/pro
chmod +x /usr/local/bin/pro

Replace amd64 with arm64 if you are on ARM.

Go package

go install

Go 1.18 is required. pro binary will be installed in $GOPATH/bin (most likely ~/go/bin/pro).

Compile from source

  1. Install Go 1.18 (brew install go or see offical docs)

  2. Clone the repository and build the project:

    git clone [email protected]:Wowu/pro.git && cd pro
    go build

Precompiled binaries

Download binaries from the releases page.


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