Unit tests example

This is a single Git repository that holds two microservices (Python and GO) that demonstrates different ways of running unit tests with Codefresh.

Packaging the Go app

To compile and package using Docker

cd golang-app-A
docker build . -t my-go-app

Packaging the Python app

To compile and package using Docker

cd python-app-B
docker build . -t my-python-app

Running the unit tests locally

To run unit tests each application

cd golang-app-A
go test -v


cd python-app-B
python setup.py test

You need to have a development environment for Go/Python in each case.

To use this project in Codefresh

There is also a codefresh.yml for easy usage with the Codefresh CI/CD platform.

More details can be found in Codefresh documentation.


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