This is a small golang service than can serve for you git-lfs large files. You just have to provide the configuration file properly and you’re good to go.




sglfs will parse the configuration file you are providing, then try to pull directories from repositories you provided, if those directories/repos are not valids, it will try to clone those. There is a small loop inside it for refreshing your shared folder depending on the configurations.


After cloning the repository : git clone

/!\ NOTE: Always make sure to have a clean shared directory before running sglfs rm ./shared/* or at least keep the same gitconfig user !

  • First you need to copy the configuration example file and set your parameters:

    cp example.conf.yml conf.yml

    The structure is quite simple, an array of storage elements:

      - path: "audio-files"
        url: ""
        branch: "master"
      - path: "videos"
        url: ""
        branch: "main"
    • path: The directory you want to get from the repo.

      EX: sub_dir1/sub_dir2

    • url: The url of the repository.


    • branch: The branch name from which you want to clone the repo.

      EX: master or release, depends on you.

  • Second, you can build the docker image

    make docker-build
    # or with no cache
    make docker-build-no-cache

    or just build the golang service with make build


Just do make run-dev or if it’s already build : make run-prod.

You can also use docker for that:

make docker-run

/!\ NOTE: Either you start the service with docker, either you start with the default CLI, since ./shared is a volume, you should not do git operations with the docker container at the same time

Now, a server should be running on port :3000 !

2022/06/01 07:03:26 git-lfs[--version]
2022/06/01 07:03:26 git-lfs/3.1.4 (GitHub; linux amd64; go 1.18.2)
2022/06/01 07:03:26 git[--version]
2022/06/01 07:03:26 git version 2.34.2
2022/06/01 07:03:26 [-] sglfs Listening on :3000...
2022/06/01 07:03:26 git[init podcasts]
2022/06/01 07:03:26 Initialized empty Git repository in /shared/podcasts/.git/
2022/06/01 07:03:26 git[remote add origin]
2022/06/01 07:03:26 
2022/06/01 07:03:26 git[config core.sparsecheckout true]
2022/06/01 07:03:26 
2022/06/01 07:03:26 git-lfs[install]
2022/06/01 07:03:26 Updated Git hooks.
Git LFS initialized.
2022/06/01 07:03:34 git[pull origin master]
2022/06/01 07:03:34 
2022/06/01 07:03:34 [-] Sleeping state for 24 Hours...


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