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  ⚙️  Installation

  Make sure you have Go installed (download). Version 1.18 or higher is required.

  Install the Briefly using the following construction: go get -u github.com/cxx0/briefly/ + router name.

  See all supported routers in the project folder.

✔️ examples


 Chi:          go get -u github.com/cxx0/briefly/chi
 Echo:         go get -u github.com/cxx0/briefly/echo
 Gin:          go get -u github.com/cxx0/briefly/gin
 Http:         go get -u github.com/cxx0/briefly/http
 Dotweb:       go get -u github.com/cxx0/briefly/dotweb
 Fiber:        go get -u github.com/cxx0/briefly/fiber
 Gearbox:      go get -u github.com/cxx0/briefly/gearbox
 Goyave:       go get -u github.com/cxx0/briefly/goyave
 Fasthttp:     go get -u github.com/cxx0/briefly/fasthttp
 Gorilla mux:  go get -u github.com/cxx0/briefly/mux


  ?  Features

   ?   Add additional fields

briefly.SetError(ctx, http.InternalServerError, briefly.D{"error": "database is dead"})

  "status":  "failure",
  "message": "internal server error",
  "data": {
    "error": "database is dead"

   ?   Override default fields

briefly.SetError(ctx, http.StatusUnauthorized, briefly.D{"message": "wrong password"})

  "status":  "failure",
  "message": "wrong password",
  "data":     null


  ⚠️  Attention

   Message for http.StatusConflict has been replaced with "already exists" instead of "conflict".

   However, you can always change default message using override default fields.


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