A small template for quickly bootstrapping a developer platform independent gRPC golang application. Uses pure Go for building.

What does this do?

This template provides a quick and easy way to get started building a Go app with protobuffers and gRPC. It works platform independent.

How to use it?

  1. Clone the repo to your machine
  2. Install the protoc compiler and the Go plugin
  3. Create your proto files inside the proto directory
  4. Run go run ./build to compile your project into a binary

The result might look like this:


Can I configure the paths and names?

Inside build\build.go there are a few naming parameters which you can adjust:

// The name of the binary
var OUTPUT_NAME = generateFileName("output")

// The directory which contains the .proto files
var PROTO_DIRECTORY = "./proto"

// Name of the folder where all generated files will be written to
var GENERATED_NAME = "generated"

To make further adjustments to the paths, you might want to take a look at buildProtobuf() also inside build\build.go.


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