“op” is a small tool that will allow you to open language or framework documentation in your browser from your terminal.


It is not life changing, but it will help you save a few seconds here and there. Instead of leaving your terminal or
ide you can simply type op <language|framework> for a specific set of documentation, or you can type op mdn <term>
to open up MDN docs with your query completed.



This part is a work in progress that will hopefully become simpler over time.

From source

If you write or use GoLang on your machine you can quite simply clone this repository

git clone https://github.com/damiensedgwick/op

Change in to the project directory and run go install – You should now be able to open a terminal anywhere you like
and run op <language|framework> or op mdn <term>

Other methods of installation

In progress, ideas and pull requests are welcome here!


If there is a documentation link missing, and you would like to add it, feel free to open up a PR!


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