A small utility command line application that can recursively download Notion pages.

I needed something scriptable that could periodically download my whole Notion workspace for backup purposes.

I have written a small blog post about this tool if you want to check it out: Automate your Notion backups

How To Use

Build it yourself or download a pre-built binary from the Releases page.

Set the following env variables

  • NOTION_TOKEN (the token_v2 cookie value, just google “notion token_v2”)
  • NOTION_PAGEID (the id of the page you want to download recursively)
  • Optional NOTION_EXPORTDIR (the folder where the created .zip file should be placed in, defaults to the current directory)
    • Only specify the directory, the filename will be created for you
  • Optional NOTION_EXPORTTYPE (“html” or “markdown”, defaults to markdown)

Now you can just run ./notionbackup.


Clone this repository and then run go build -o notionbackup -ldflags="-s -w" app.go

Special Thanks