The CLI Dashboard to keep a check on your CPU, Memory, and Network!

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Getting Started

  • Fork it.

  • Clone your forked repo and move inside it:

git clone https://github.com/<your-github-username>/termiboard.git && cd termiboard

  • Checkout to a new branch to work on an issue:

git checkout -b my-amazing-feature

  • Run termiboard
go run .
  • Build termiboard
go build
  • Once you're all done coding, it's time to open a PR :)
    Run the following commands from the root of the project directory:

git add .

git commit -m "A short description about the feature."

git push origin <my-amazing-feature>

Open your forked repo in your browser and then raise a PR to the master branch of this repository!


Once the executable file is created, the program can be executed as:

Without Flag Options

This will by default show all the parameters of the System.



With Flag Options

If the flag options are passed, then the specific parameters of the System will be displayed.

./termiboard --cpu-usage


All Available Options

./termiboard --help
Flag Function
--all Show all stats
--cpu-info Show CPU information
--cpu-usage Show CPU usage
--disk Show disk usage
--local-ip Show local IP address
--public-ip Show public IP address
--ram Show RAM usage
--top5-ram Show top 5 process that consume the most memory