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A soothing face filter where you can appreciate the beauty but not fully identify the person. Useful for social applications, blogging etc.


  1. Resizing (Caire, NearestNeighbor, ApproxBiLinear, BiLinear, CatmullRom)
  2. Automatic Face detection
  3. Showerglass filter over only face (delaunay triangulation)

female face

Image credit: https://unsplash.com/photos/tCJ44OIqceU


go get -u github.com/rocketlaunchr/showerglass/core
import "github.com/rocketlaunchr/showerglass/core"


import	"image/jpeg"
import	"os"
import	"github.com/rocketlaunchr/showerglass/core"

f, _ := os.Open("face.jpg")
defer f.Close()

opts := showerglass.Options{
	NewHeight: 100.0,
	NewWidth:  100.0,
	ResizeAlg: showerglass.CatmullRom,
	TriangleConfig: func(QRank, facearea int, Q float32, h, w int) *showerglass.Processor {
		if QRank < 1 {
			// only modify first detected face
			return &showerglass.Processor{
				MaxPoints:  1500,
				BlurRadius: 4,
		return nil

masked, _, _ := showerglass.FaceMask(f, opts)

out, _ := os.Create("masked.jpg")

jpeg.Encode(out, masked, &jpeg.Options{Quality: 100})


  • Endre Simo – One of the masters of Image Processing [worth following]

Other useful packages

  • awesome-svelte – Resources for killing react
  • dataframe-go – Statistics and data manipulation
  • dbq – Zero boilerplate database operations for Go
  • electron-alert – SweetAlert2 for Electron Applications
  • google-search – Scrape google search results
  • igo – A Go transpiler with cool new syntax such as fordefer (defer for for-loops)
  • mysql-go – Properly cancel slow MySQL queries
  • react – Build front end applications using Go
  • remember-go – Cache slow database queries
  • testing-go – Testing framework for unit testing

Legal Information

The license is a modified MIT license. Refer to LICENSE file for more details.

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