Docker Spawner

This is a very specific package for creating and managing containers remotely over HTTP. For security purposes, a layer was written that allows you to greatly narrow the control options.

In order not to open the Docker control to the outside and severely limit the possibilities.


  • Very limited HTTP API to control docker containers: Create, Stop, List
  • You can’t created any container for any image. Only what set in setup
  • You can get remote info about machine to consider balance loading
  • System prune


In folder examples

You can just run make build to build binary or make to run example in watch mode (reflex).


Simple example is in examples/main.go with basic setup. In short:

  • Init spawner.New() with passing basic options: AutoDelete, Image (docker image will be used to spawn)
  • Set in Environement variables or in .env file PORT, AUTH_KEY to start HTTP-server


Create container based on Image

POST /containers

  "start": true, // optional. By default true
  "env": ["MY_ENV=Testing", "ENV_VAR2=123"],
  "image": "postgres:13", // Optional. 1st Image from setup will be used

List of running containers

GET /containers

  "data": [{}], // List of containers created by spawner
  "info": {}, // System info will be provided if you pass ?info=true
  "error": null

Stop container

PUT /containers/:id/stop

šŸ’„ Danger! id is optional so if you will not pass – all containers created by spawner will be stopped

Deleting container

DELETE /containers/:id


Run make test


  • Support for multiple nodes
  • System info

Use at your own risk


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