A Stateless Golang Library For Retry Mechanism

  • Written in vanilla Go, no dependencies
  • Max retry times
  • Abort execution
  • Timeout
  • Backoff strategy
  • Choose whether to throw panic
  • Hooks

You can easily integrate go-retry into your project. All features tested.


When used with Go modules, use the following import path

go get github.com/ag9920/go-retry


go-retry provides a simple function signature. You need to pass the RetryFunc, and customize retry mechanism with the help of Option if needed.

type RetryFunc func() error

func Do(ctx context.Context, fn RetryFunc, opts ...Option) error

Suppose the function you want to add retry support has the following signature:

func GetData() error   // call rpc to query data from downstream

Example 1: Simple retry with default config

A basic retry with default max retry times and timeout. Check the default retry config in config.go.

import (
    goretry "github.com/ag9920/go-retry"

err := goretry.Do(ctx, GetData())

if err != nil {
    // meaning GetData() already succeed in the last retry.
} else {
    // retry failed, need to handle business logic accordingly.

goretry will keep executing GetData until the returned err of GetData() become nil or the maximum retry times has been reached, which by default is 3).

Example 2: Change retry condition with RetryChecker

type RetryChecker func(err error) (needRetry bool)

Sometimes we want to abort the execution if a certain error is detected. For example, the downstream was already completed unable to serve your request regardless of how many retries was conducted. We want to identify such conditions and abort retry. You could simply define a RetryChecker to meet the requirement.

var OverloadError = errors.New("already overload, should abort retry")

func isDownstreamOverload(err error) bool {
    return !errors.Is(err, OverloadError)

err := goretry.Do(ctx, GetData(), goretry.WithRetryChecker(isDownstreamOverload))

goretry will call isDownstreamOverload after each failed call to GetData() and pass the returned err. In the above scenario, isDownstreamOverload will check whether the err returned from GetData() is an overload error. If Yes, it will return a false, meaning there’s no need to retry. The overall retry process will abort accordingly.

Example 3: Change MaxRetryTimes && Timeout

err := goretry.Do(ctx, GetData(), goretry.WithMaxRetryTimes(10), goretry.WithTimeout(5 * time.Second))

Example 4: Add hooks before/after each retry

func printTimestamp() {

err := goretry.Do(ctx, GetData(), goretry.WithAfterHook(printTimestamp))

Example 5: Update backoff strategy

type Strategy func(times int) time.Duration

By default, goretry will keep retry instantly after the last failed call. This may not be the most suitable way for your scenario. You could choose a different backoff strategy.

Currently, available strategies are the following

type BackoffStrategy int

const (
	StrategyConstant BackoffStrategy = iota

Add your strategy to Options.

baseDuration := 10*time.Millisecond
err := goretry.Do(ctx, GetData(), goretry.WithBackOffStrategy(StrategyFibonacci, baseDuration))

If all provided strategies can’t satisfy your needs, you could also specify your own implementation and use WithCustomBackOffStrategy

err := goretry.Do(ctx, GetData(), goretry.WithCustomBackOffStrategy(
    func(times int) time.Duration {
		if times > 1 {
            return 50*time.Millisecond
        return time.Millisecond


Check the example folder to see a mock business demo.

import (

	goretry "github.com/ag9920/go-retry"

type Item struct {
	ID    string
	Name  string
	Price string

type ItemRepo interface {
	Query(id string) (Item, error)

type ItemService struct {
	repo ItemRepo

func (srv ItemService) GetItem(ctx context.Context, id string) (*Item, error) {
	var err error
	var item *Item
	// wrapper function
	retryFn := func() error {
		// send request to downstream to get data
		result, err := srv.repo.Query(id)
		if err == nil {
			item = &result
			return nil
		if err.Error() == "overload" {
			return goretry.ErrorAbort // use prefined abort err to stop execution
		return err
	err = goretry.Do(ctx, retryFn,
		goretry.WithBackOffStrategy(goretry.StrategyFibonacci, 10*time.Microsecond),

	if err != nil {
		log.Default().Printf("retry failed, id=%s, err=%v", id, err)
		return nil, err
	return item, nil


If you want to contribute resources to go-retry, Pull Requests are welcomed!


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